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Weeks Genealogy & History

Weeks is an English name with many spellings: Viks, Weykes, Whicks, Wicks, Wikes, Wix, and Wykes. Derived from Old English "wic", meaning outlying settlement, it indicated living near or working at an outlying dairy-farm. Alternatively, "wikke" in Middle English meant to battle, a derivation supported by battle-axes on the coat of arms and crest. Weeks family history dates to feudal times with a family seat in Sussex and to 1630 in America with immigration to New Hampshire. Their motto, "Cari deo nihilo carent," means "Those dear to God want nothing." Famed name-holders in American Weeks genealogy include two cabinet secretaries: John Weeks and Charles Weeks.

Weeks Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Douglas Weeks-- --, 1931December 14,1999AL
Bessie Weeks-- --, 1928August 16,2010GA
C Bernard Weeks-- --, 1913October 16,1991NY
Delma Weeks-- --, 1926May 28,2010MO

Weeks Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Elizabet Weeks-- --, 1919July 2,2005Cayce,SC
F Bayne Weeks-- --, 1926February 8,2006Menominee,MI
G Glendon Weeks-- --, 1923June ,1983Chambersburg,PA
H Lyle Weeks-- --, 1915March 3,1995Eudora,KS

Weeks Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alton WeeksAnnie SextonApril 24,1937Wake, NC
Bennie WeeksHazel HinsonAugust 22,1931Wake, NC
Christopher WeeksTonya PerryJune 27,2004Wake, NC
Dennis WeeksMarvin WellsJune 9,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Weeks

639th: Flowers640th: Gillespie
641st: Buckley642nd: Roach
643rd: Solomon644th: Frost
645th: Kemp646th: Leblanc
647th: McConnell648th: Brandt

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