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Dominguez Genealogy & History

Dominguez is a Spanish name, tracing back to the Castilian area of medieval Spain. The -ez suffix is characteristically Spanish, but Dominquez genealogy includes the spelling variations of Dominicus, Domigles, Domingo, Dominis, and an East Prussian variation of Dominig. Dominguez is patronymic for son of Domingo, popular for its holiness (Latin Dominicus means belonging to the Lord) and its use by the saint who founded the Dominican order of monks in the 12th century. The Spanish coat of arms features two golden towers signifying wealth. Dominguez family history in America is distinguished by early settlers in the New World: Anton, Aparicio, and Alonso Dominguez all landed in 1536.

Dominguez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Dominguez-- --, 1914February 3,1991TX
Babbarita Dominguez-- --, 1898July 16,1993AZ
C Thomas Dominguez-- --, 1925July 10,1992MI
Dagoberto Dominguez-- --, 1926December 29,2007FL

Dominguez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Dominguez-- --, 1914May ,1985Baton Rouge,LA
Fabian Dominguez-- --, 1930January 21,1994El Paso,TX
Gabino Dominguez-- --, 1906April ,1978Miami,FL
Harry Dominguez-- --, 1901November ,1977East Elmhurst,NY

Dominguez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
August DominguezSusan VictorJune 15,1970Wake, NC
Daniel DominguezLucinda MartinezJune 3,2000Elpaso, TX
Enrique DominguezTamara BoatrightJune 18,1990Wake, NC
Federico DominguezMaria RodriguezMay 29,2000Parker, TX

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1040th: Alvarado1041st: Fish
1042nd: Webber1043rd: Abrams
1044th: Rutherford1045th: Simons
1046th: Hilton1047th: Rivers

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