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Mohr Genealogy & History

Mohr is a German, Irish, and Scottish name with several possible origins. It could have originated as a topographical name given to people who lived near a fen or moor (mor in German). It could be derived from the Middle High German mor or Old French maur, meaning Moor, in which case it would have been given to people with a swarthy complexion. Another possible origin is the Old Irish name O Mordha, meaning son of the noble one. Mohr family history in Germany began in Austria, the Rhineland, Leicestershire, and Aberdeenshire. Mohr genealogy includes Christian Otto Mohr, an influential German civil engineer.

Mohr Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Larane Mohr-- --, 1921September 23,1993IA
Barbara Mohr-- --, 1943June 8,2002NY
C Clifton Mohr-- --, 1913February 12,1992OR
Daisie Mohr-- --, 1881March 15,1969WV

Mohr Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Mohr-- --, 1920December 14,2007Dallastown,PA
F Donald Mohr-- --, 1927November 7,2003Ellwood City,PA
G Irene Mohr-- --, 1918January ,1978Loveland,CO
H Leroy Mohr-- --, 1919March ,1987Mohnton,PA

Mohr Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Frederick MohrBetsy CherryAugust 12,1967Wake, NC
Todd MohrHeather LiljaMay 6,2000Wake, NC
John MohrVictoria ElkinsDecember 6,2001Wake, NC
Wilbur MohrDolores KraftMarch 13,1959Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mohr

1474th: Albrecht1475th: Ogden
1476th: Goode1477th: Zimmer
1478th: Busch1479th: Pettit
1480th: Schreiber1481st: McCollum
1482nd: Hurd1483rd: Rudolph

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