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Downey is an Irish and Scottish surname. The Irish derivation from the Gaelic given name Dunadhach means fortress-keeper; the Dalriadan-Scottish derivation from Gaelic dun (hill) refers to the old barony of Duny/Downie in Angus. In Irish Downey family history, one sept was from Ui Maine, while the other were lords of Luachair. Some Muldowney families later abbrieviated their name to Downey; other Downey genealogy variations include Dawney, Downie, MacDowney, MacEldowney, Maclidowney, MadDowney, Muldowney, and O'Downey. The lions on the coat of arms signify fierce courage. The first immigrant to America was James Downey to Pennsylvania in 1711, while the first recording in Ireland was for O'Dunadhaigh in 1050.

Hopper Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lorene Hopper-- --, 1925December 24,2009ID
Bailey Hopper-- --, 1936April 27,1992CA
Caleb Hopper-- --, 1915January ,1983NJ
D Alan Hopper-- --, 1917September 9,2007DE

Hopper Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Hopper-- --, 1930May 19,1992Stockton,CA
F Evelyn Hopper-- --, 1913November 30,2005Lake Oswego,OR
G Mary Hopper-- --, 1918March 10,2005Tucson,AZ
H Dean Hopper-- --, 1917October 11,2000Doylestown,PA

Hopper Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles HopperAleisha WilderJune 13,1997Wake, NC
David HopperMerrill DalrympleMarch 22,2003Wake, NC
Paul HopperWanda KellyJuly 12,1975Wake, NC
James HopperDeborah UnderwoodSeptember 7,1985Wake, NC

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